Light and Exposure

Photographed on 9/8/2022-9/20/2022

Published on 3/12/2023

This collection actually takes from three different assignments from my photography class. After our One Thing and 50 + 1 assignments we were given assignments relating to exposure, aperture, ISO, and white balance. These were given to get us to practice and understand the fundamental manual adjustments one can make on a camera to change the way an image is captured.

I remember learning about the basic three aspects of image exposure in high school, those being ISO, F-Stop/Aperture, and shutter speed. My professor gave an excellent lecture complete with descriptive diagrams on how these elements interacted with and affected each other, and learning how to manually adjust those elements on my personal camera was extremely valuable to me.

Across three assignments we were asked to play with these elements and capture the unique effects and techniques that go along with them. I will be completely honest, these assignments were given to us during the busiest part of the semester, and with my other classwork I found it hard to dedicate the time required to do some truly good work for photography.

That's the main reason that this collection is just one small album instead of three moderately sized ones. I simply did not do great work for these assignments to the degree that I had wanted to. Because of this it took me a lot longer to feel comfortable with exposure and manual operation of the camera. I would like to go back and experiment with them more in the future as a result.

One thing I learned in these assignments is my preference toward somewhat darker images. I usually aim for about a -1 on the light meter with as high of an F-Stop as possible for high detail. I also generally like white balances with a warmer tone. Playing around with long exposures was fun, but required a lot more setup with my old, unwieldy tripod. Ultimately, some of these shots I do quite like, and they show my overall preferences for photography well.

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