Day in the Life

Photographed on 1/6/2023-2/11/2023

Published on 3/20/2023

In the months immediately after I graduated college I felt an overwhelming lack of direction. The majority of my time for the past 21 years of my life had been about doing schoolwork, taking breaks from school, and engaging with my interests during my free time. At the start of the year, while my roommate and my girlfriend were on winter break for school, I was left alone in town to work my full time job each week.

This was the first full-time, nine-to-five, 40 hours a week job I had ever held. To call it a major adjustment would be an understatement. I was having a bit of an existential crisis whilst staring down the barrel of becoming a real adult now that I was out of school. I had too much time to myself and too little direction on how to spend it.

I began to seek out my previous interests and things I felt nostalgic for. Whether it was video games, movies, TV, or music, the media I engaged with and created back in high school began to appeal to me once more. It was then that I understood just how devious and personal of a poison nostalgia can be. Seeking an escape from the black hole of the past, and after a month or two of not photographing anything, I decided to pick up my camera once again.

I was worried my skills had started to fade from not engaging with or practicing photography on a regular basis. I still feel that way, and it's been a big part of why I made this website to showcase and store my work. With this set of pictures I wanted to capture the mundanity of my average weeknight alone. Just me, my cat, my camera, and my thoughts.

In these pictures I also tested a new macro lens I got for Christmas. It was a Micro-NIKKOR 40mm lens and the detail it was able to achieve on close-ups stunned me. I found a lot of joy in taking pictures with it and it has since become my lens of choice. In this series you will see me playing with my cat, some fun with posing and destroying a gundam model, my walk to the coin-operated laundry machines separate from my building, and the quiet of my lived-in apartment.

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