Mirror Ocean

Photographed on 12/9/2023 - 12/11/2023

Published on 12/30/2023

This collection of photos is rather special to me. Whilst getting into film photography in August of 2023 I joined a photography Discord server. The server was created by street photographer Trevor Wisecup for his fans and any enthusiasts to join. I had been introduced to Trevor by a YouTube video a few weeks prior, and decided to join.

I won't lie, at first I was very intimidated. Everyone else in the server seemed to have so much knowledge and experience with photography as a whole. I thought about leaving the server a handful of times, but ultimately stuck around. Whenever I had a question about film photography that could not easily be answered, I would ask it there, and typically get some helpful responses.

On that server I ended up meeting a man who lived within an hour of Raleigh. His handle was Twohead. He has a website. You should check it out. We ended up meeting up irl and taking some photos downtown. We walked around for hours just talking about photography and life and enjoying wandering.

That first meetup we had made me realize that photography is something I can do. It sort of eased a lot of my intimidation and feelings of inferiority to other photographers. I recognized that enjoying the work is far more important than being better than anyone. I resolved to make images that I enjoy above all else.

A few months later, Twohead and I decided to go on a photography road trip to Okracoke Island. It was a long journey. We drove through a Christmas parade, rode a ferry, almost got stuck on the island due to bad weather, and saw a boat washed up on the shore. These pictures are from that trip, and they are some of my favorites I've taken to date.

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