Doodle Roundup: automata

Written by Patrick J Turner Jr

Published on August 16th, 2023

Hello again my friends. I have some more doodles for you. To tell you the truth, most of these do not feel like they were consciously designed by me. When I doodle, I allow my mind to wander and guide my pen as it does. Shapes form, then faces, and sometimes they will be embued with context after the fact. This results in some unique drawings, but they aren't exactly always intentional. It may be more apt to say they are released from my mind through the pen.

As a practice doodling can help reveal the things taking up space in your head. Give it a try next time you find yourself staring at a blank page. Anyways, this here is a group of critters, humanoids, and some automatons. I wonder if they know each other. It's interesting to think about their connections to one another. Yeehaw partners. Second doodle roundup, let's jam:


Elphonse is a massive geometric elephant made of metals from across the globe. The greatest metallurgists from every nation worked as one to purify the elements which shape his form. He is an engine designed to channel the jet streams. Through the massive hole in his side he takes in the winds of the world and redirects them using his trunk and tail. With this ability he can change the world; saving it, or plunging it into destruction.


Dennis is a frog with freckles and his friend Spot is a fruit fly. They've been close friends forever. Unfortunately, Dennis has become aware of the fact that frogs like him literally eat flies like Spot for breakfast. Inside him there is a turmoil over reconciling this newfound urge and their lifelong friendship. Spot is flying in the shape of a thumbs up, I wasn't sure how to convey that. They'll probably be fine.


This is the jellyfish that makes you old if you touch it. It's name is Jellold. Actually, it's a machine as well. No one is really sure why it was created. I mean, what purpose could a jellyfish that makes you old possibly have? Maybe it came from the beach that makes you old.


I drew this guy off that one meme of the soy wojack impossible chicken guys. This exact pose has become a staple in photos of my friends and I. It's just, so funny. I made him point at a sign that says no suffering. Sort of like Sir Dancealot I wanted to make a joyful guy. Just a jolly fellow. His face is literally frozen in surprise at the concept of there being no suffering. Idk I think it's kind of funny.


Prince Orange is a character who appears in my dreams regularly. Sometimes they are prince, other times a princess. They always have beautiful burnt orange hair of varying length. Typically they wear big glasses. They seem to know what is going on and have a bit of a trickster personality. Here Orange is eating some spaghetti. Joyous occasion. Orange is kind, but can be a little rude at times.


I'll just be straight up, I was thinking about an old boss I worked for while drawing this. Man I hated that guy. He was seriously the worst. Just a colossal asshole. Everybody hated him. I wouldn't even say this drawing looks a lot like him, but I kinda nailed how stupid his hair looked. I'm sure this makes me look childish but you gotta blow off steam however you can.


So I started out by drawing some big pants and shoes and then I drew a guy on top of it. His name is Gregory, or Greg for short. I did not consider the anatomy of this creature before inventing him. His existence is kind of scary to think about actually. He just is. He has pants that fit him though, kind of jealous of that. I really need to find some new pants and shoes. Perhaps he represents this search.


Automatop is the greatest machine ever made, baby. It's sort of like a cross between a beyblade and an RC car. The design is not unlike that of a horseshoe crab. Over it's soft body is an interlocking shell mechanism which can raise and lower to become more aerodynamic. It's legs are four small ballpoint wheels that can roll up to speeds of 50 MPH. It's tail acts as a guide and can be used to help with turning and handling. Could be the big toy of this holiday season.

That's all for the doodle roundup this time. Thanks for reading about them, I appreciate it. Until next time, remember that none of these creations have souls of memories of their own. But we do.

- Patrick Turner