Doodle Roundup: strange creatures

Written by Patrick J Turner Jr

Published on August 9th, 2023

Hello my friends. Recently I started a new job. I love my new job. At this job I work at a desk and go out to do technical work. Every now and again we will have long stretches of downtime in which I browse news articles and make personal notes on a notepad. On this notepad, whilst my mind wanders through online information corridors, I doodle strange creatures. I showed these creatures to a friend of mine and they encouraged me to share them here.

For your viewing (pleasure?) I have rounded up my little mind goblins in the form of expertly cropped JPG image files here on my blog. I hope you do not find them to be too strange to your liking. Without further ado, I present to you the first doodle roundup:


This little stinker is bad news. He's got a suit and devil horns and a tail. Maybe he's a deviled egg? Not sure what I was going for here, mainly just wanted to draw a guy with a big head.


I really enjoy drawing little creatures themed around geometric shapes. Probably comes from how I'd cut my jack-o-lanterns using only basic shapes as a child. This is an angel made entirely of triangles. Named her triangel. I think she's cute.


Sir Dancealot loves two things: dancing, and being happy. Luckily he gets to do the two things he loves all the time. Really wanted to make a truly joyful character through him. Also tried to channel the art style of Keith Haring with his dancing figures.


Dave is a small little man sort of resembling a Lego minifigure. I like the way his hair looks. Behind him is a strange entity known only as "The Swirl" who has a dark mass at the center of his head and his heart. From the mass in his head a spiral spins outward and connects to his heart, arms, and legs. I don't know much about these two, they just sorta showed up on the page one day.


So this is Gale. Gale is a beast of unknown origin or gender. Gale is Gale. They're sort of catlike in the face, yet have no whiskers or ears or tail. Gale has big eyes that stare smugly into your soul. Gale is cool as a cucumber. They walk around with their little boots and strange hand-like appendages on their head and side. I love Gale.


Lynch is an entity of pure, unadulterated rage. I drew him after reading the entirety of David Lynch's Wikipedia entry and learning about his brief comic strip The Angriest Dog in the World. Something about Lynch's drawing of a black dog stuck in a pose of pure anger for all eternity inspired me to attempt to recreate it. I think I failed to do so. This guy is just really angry and it's not funny. If you look very closely you can almost make out a face I began drawing but covered up as well.


Last but certainly not least we have Sprite. I wanted him to look sorta like Lemongrab from Adventure Time. I like his weird little eyes and gaping maw. If he were to swallow someone they would likely be subjected to a strange mix of lemon and lime juices inside his stomach. You'd be fine, just wouldn't be pleasant.

That is all for the doodle roundup. I had a lot of fun drawing these and writing little blurbs for them so I'll probably do it again in the future. Until next time, remember that even if you can't hear these creatures, they're probably near you.

- Patrick Turner